Portfolio canidates must include 10-12 original pieces in their portfolio using a variety of materials.
Judging will be based on the following criteria: creativity, conceptual ability, design, color sense, idea communication, draftsmanship, and use of materials. It is suggested that you include in your portfolio at least two examples of each of the following:
  • original drawings (studies from life; objects, nature, people)
  • two-dimensional design compositions
  • painting(s) on paper using at least three colors
Fine Arts candidates may add:
  • flat canvas oil or acrylic paintings
  • slides of ceramics or sculpture
  • graphic design projects
  • original photographs
Graphic Design candidates may add:
  • illustrations
  • graphic design projects
  • layout designs
  • typographic designs
  • original cartoons
  • original photographs
Photography Candidates may add:
  • black and white original photographs
  • original 35 mm color transparencies
Out of state students may submit their portfolios on Cd(s) or 8x10 high quality inkjet outputs.
Note Photography candidates may also present a portfolio consisting only of photographic work.
Portfolio Presentation
  • All two-dimensional work should be matted if enclosed loosely in a portfolio. (Work that is presented in a portfolio with plastic pages would be the only exception to matting.)
  • All pieces should be facing the same direction.
  • If slides of sculptures or ceramics (or original slides for photo majors) are presented, they must be in a plastic slide sheet.
Note It is of the utmost importance that the portfolios be presented in a neat and attractive manner.
Out-of-State and International Portfolio Reviews Out-of-state and international portfolio submissions are also accepted. Although we prefer to see work in its original form, students may also submit slide or digital reproductions of their work for portfolio evaluation.