Art History Minor

Students enrolled in the Art History minor will be introduced to the cultural resources of New York, the foundation for coursework and extracurricular opportunities. In addition, students may pursue art history coursework through participation in the university's renowned Study Abroad program, encompassing residential campuses in Paris and Rome and beyond.

The Department of Fine Arts minor requires 21 credits selected from among the following regularly offered courses:

Art 1660 History of Photography 3 credits
Art 1710 History of Art I (required) 3 credits
Art 1720 History of Art II (required) 3 credits
Art 1730 Pre-Columbian Art 3 credits
Art 1740 History of Modern Architecture 3 credits
Art 1770 Classical Archaeology 3 credits
Art 1775 Art and Architecture in France 3 credits
Paris campus
Art 1790 Survey of Art and Architecture in Italy 3 credits
Rome campus
Art 2145 History of Visual Communications 3 credits
Art 2750 History of Twentieth Century Art (required) 3 credits
Art 2760 Latin American Art: Encounter Between Two 3 credits
Art 2770 Women in the Arts 3 credits
Art 2790 Contemporary Art and Culture, 1945-present 3 credits
Art 4909 Internship 3-9 credits
Art 4953 Independent Study 3 credits

Students wishing to pursue graduate study in the history of art or art conservation are encouraged to enroll in courses beyond the 21 required credits required for the minor degree.

Art History Faculty

Professor Susan Rosenberg, B.A. Brown University, Ph.D. Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. E-mail

Professor Lawrence Waldron, B.F.A. St. John's University, M.F.A. School of Visual Arts, New York. E-mail