Photography Minor

Students enrolled in the Photography minor will engage in the visual image making process with the photographic medium. The minor begins with a foundation in traditional and digital photographic studies and includes opportunities for studying abroad with a series of studio and art history electives. Students who have completed the Photography minor will have an intermediate understanding of photography’s technical and aesthetic applications, and a basic overview of its history.
The Photography Minor Requirements are specified below:

18 semester hours Required courses:  Students must take the following four courses.

ART 1610 or ART1085 Photography I* 3 Credits
ART 1620 or ART1086 Photography II 3 Credits
ART 1660 History of Photography 3 Credits
ART 1630 Digital Photography 3 Credits

With two courses selected from:

ART 2650 Documentary Photography 3 Credits
ART 1110 Foundation Design 3 Credits
ART 1105 Introduction to Graphic Design I 3 Credits
ART 1510 Relief & Intaglio Printmaking 3 Credits
ART 1810 Art of Film I 3 Credits
ART 1820 Art of Film II 3 Credits
ART 1135 Computer Graphics 3 Credits
ART 1020 Art in New York 3 Credits

Courses abroad:

ART 1670 Photography in Paris 3 Credits
ART 2929 Southern Italy, a Visual Journey 3 Credits
ART 1790 Survey of Art & Architecture in Italy 3 Credits
ART 2250 Drawing and Design in Rome 3 Credits

* Note: ART 1080 Photography Workshop, may be used as a substitute for ART 1610 requirement with approval of DoFA Chair.

Photography full-time faculty:

Prof. Belenna Lauto E-mail
Prof. William Morel E-mail