Department of Fine Arts Majors

St. John's University's Queens campus is the setting for its B.F.A. program: the program allows students to experience the community of a residential college campus together with the rich cultural opportunities and career possibilities in the arts that only the city of New York can provide. The Department aims to cultivate artistic experimentation grounded in sound technical skills, and its intensive studio is complemented by a strong tradition of faculty-student mentoring, unique in a program in metropolitan New York. The Department's regular course offerings are augmented by a program of visiting lecturers and critics, and by easy access to the city's museums and art galleries – significant resources for every aspect of the B.F.A. experience.

B.F.A. students in St. John’s University’s Department of Fine Arts may choose from among
four major fields of study: Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography.

Each major program requires
84 credit hours of Fine Arts Department coursework, complemented by 48 credit hours dedicated to fulfillment of the university’s core-based liberal arts curriculum.

Students in the Department of Fine Arts may devise a course of study centered around their major, but aimed to fulfill educational and career goals by drawing on the department's rich course offerings dedicated to drawing, painting, print-making, graphic design, motion graphics, digital photography, and illustration.

Course offerings in Art History and Theory support the department’s studio program; 9 credit hours of art history are required of all B.F.A. students, who are encouraged to develop an integrated course of study supporting the development of conceptual foundations and technical skills as the platform for professional success in their chosen field.

B.F.A. students are encouraged to participate in the 9 credit hour internship program and to produce a Creative Thesis during the senior year of study.