As a department, our greatest strength derives from our position as an integral part of the larger liberal arts university; and students pursuing degrees in our programs are the beneficiaries. Since the making of images is an intellectual process the education of artists should go considerably beyond instruction of technique and media. The artistic process, at its best, is creative, intuitive,analytical and highly sophisticated. It requires all the knowledge, discipline, sensitivity and awareness of a liberally educated intelligence.

Student ArtworkIt is our commitment to instruct young artists in the tools, techniques, vocabulary, traditions and history of their chosen profession, so that they possess as comprehensive and substantive an educational experience as possible. In this way they will have the technical and intellectual preparation necessary for the development of their own personal creative solutions, and the means to make better-informed career decisions.

If after having read this, our programs interest you, and you would like to visit our department for a studio tour, please contact us at (718) 990-6250. Or e-mail from our contact page. We'll be happy to meet with you, review your portfolio and discuss your career plans.

Graphic Design, "Buddha Cards", by Department of Fine Arts Student:Oska '10